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Posted by on Jun 1, 2015 in Tablet gaming |


Top Smartphones for Gaming

With the advancement of technologies the era of smartphones has taken over and the uses of your phone have reached a whole different level, which is to say that we use our smartphones not just as cell phones anymore, but pretty much as everything else. Gaming industry has become a great part of smartphone industry and while it attracts more and more users to play games on their smartphone, not every smartphone is the best solution to play games on. Therefore, for all those hard-core smartphone gamers, let me present you with truly the best smartphones available on the market for playing games. Even though, you should keep in mind that the smartphone and gaming industries are ever changing and ever evolving and this list will probably soon change.

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

What is the best about Sony Xperia Z3 Compact is its fast performance and waterq2KKfproof characteristics. The battery is unbelievably durable and its price is pretty much affordable when compared to the rest of the lot and all the things you gain by using this smartphone. As for the gaming part, it has the coolest possible feature to mound on PlayStation 4 console and DualShock 4 controller which opens the world of gaming possibilities. Experience the whole new gaming adventures by using Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, you will certainly not regret it.

Samsung Galaxy S6

The graphics on Samsung Galaxy S6 is amazing for many different things you can do on your smartphone, but one of its strong suits is most definitely gaming. The processor with eight cores can start up any game with an absolute ease and the amazing graphic will not set any limits for your gaming experience as some other smartphones might do.


LGred_car_mobile G4 might as well be the discovery of the year when it comes to gaming. It has such a powerful graphics that it leaves the other phones such as iPhone 5S and Sony Xperia Z3 Compact behind in the dust. However, it processor is not its strong point since it is powered by the Snapdragon 808. All in all, LG G4 is an amazing smartphone and a great option for all the gamers out there. The impressive display and the capability of playing the latest Android games, put it at the list of top smartphones used for playing games.

iPhone 6

With a great processor and amazing graphics the iPhone 6 is a dream of every gamer. If you plan to play games on your smartphone you will definitely not make a mistake by choosing to buy an iPhone 6. Is supports various games that will delight any gamer.

HTC One M9

Powered by octa-core Snapdragon 810 the M9 is one of the best smartphones for gaming available on the market. Intense racing games are easily played on the M9, however the drawback would be the short battery life which can definitely ruin the gaming experience.